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Art Works-2005

The Mysterious Texture of Soil


The adventure of painting by investigating textures started with the barks of trees and this time continued with the ground (that I step on.) A new world unfolded before me after noticing the crust of the earth. This awareness proved to be exciting and pleasurable. I was finding peace in the beige-brown tones and pastel colours of the land, its texture and various aspects were making me contemplate; it was as if I was being reborn again with new shapes and colours. I was trying to reach an entirety by connecting small and bigger pieces, as if I was making a puzzle. The works I was making on a canvas attached to a magnetic material provided the opportunity to do so. One can make a whole by gathering as many as pieces as one desires or changing their places and reform the entity whenever one wishes by changing their places yet again; so that the ever-changing nature of the Earth’s crust can be felt.



What we step on every day,

What we do not look at enough,

What we look at but do not see,

I try to see.

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