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Before and After Fire - 1997

Before and After Fire


“I cannot erase from my mind's slate,

the burning trees. 

The mountains dyed in red,

and the smoke reaching the sky.

The blackened trees and soil,

remain inscripted in the pages of my brain's note book,"


    These are the words of İsmet Tatar, whieh lead her to sit in front of her canvas. She perceives and feels like a tree; at one time blossoming, at another buming; but always embracing life with its roots.

    There is a message to each human heart in a burned and scorched olive tree. There is hope in the green of an olive tree and yet it carries a deep sorrow. They are crooked, their branches intertwined from the winds that blow in difierent directions; but still, for years, they have been standing persistently, as if to spite the flower.

    Although, at first sight, olive trees seem to have few colours, a percepti ve eye can spot the bright yellows, oranges and blues. . .

İsmet Tatar, who paints beautifully with water colours, has used my” in this exhibition. She has also found the right materials to produce diffe- rent textures in her paintings...

    Hope besrde sorrow. And an exhibition which draws the on looker mm deep thought.


Translation: Asll Eran Raman

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