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Being a Stone – Ismet Tatar Art Exhibition at EMAA in Nicosia


Stones, nothing but stones dancing around your head, hundreds of them dangling from the ceiling, stones made of paper pulp, in all colours and sizes.

Exhibition of ACPA Workshop at ARUCAD ART SPACE in Nicosia


Inci Kansu and Ismet Tatar, founding members and former and present president of the association received the compliments from the viewers for a very successful workshop which finally is the reward for all the time and energy consuming days of a workshop with all its preparations.

The Smell of Homeland-Ismet Tatar – Art Exhibition GEOMORPHOLOGIES at EMAA Art Centre Nicosia


By Heidi Trautmann

 How did my land smell in spring in the morning when we children opened the door and sat on the porch to nibble on a piece of bread while we watched the sun come over the rim of the world, perhaps a cat lying at our feet or watching the chicken scratch in the warm dusty earth.

Geomorphology – Ismet Tatar’s Art Exhibition ...AND EARTH and STILL MOMENTS at EMAA's


‘Why is soil or land important to people?’

‘What is the relationship between land and Humans?’

‘What kind of emotion is ownership?’ and

‘What is the attachment a human feelings towards land or soil?’

EMAA – 10 Years – From the past to the future


 I feel even more connected to EMAA now, not only to have done my book “Art and Creativity in North Cyprus” together with them,  but also to have been given a plaque of appreciation along with my friends Ismet Tatar, Inci Kansu, Kadir Kaba and Argyro Toumazou. I feel very honoured. The ceremony was conducted by Nilgün Güney, founding president of the association and Özgül Ezgin current president.

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