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ismet tatar
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İsmet Tatar, Taş Olmak, Sergi, EMAA 2019
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İsmet Tatar was born in Cyprus and lives in Kyrenia. She graduated from the Department of Painting at the Vocational Education Faculty, Ankara Gazi University. She held exhibitions on the themes of Tree, Woman and Land. She is a member of IAPMA - The International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists. Every year, she attends the congresses and the exhibitions organized by the Association in different countries. She learned how to make paper through the workshops organized by IAPMA and from Inci Kansu, who is the first paper artist in Cyprus. Ever since, she has been building on this skill by benefiting from the customs and traditions of her own country. She produces paper from the plants in her garden and recycled materials. Each piece of paper she creates carries the natural colour and texture of the plant from which it is produced. The characteristics of the papers from which her art works are made are the raison d’être of her artistic work. For some time now, being moved by social and political situations in Cyprus, she has started to build “Land” themed works. She aims at investigating and understanding the significance of land for people (especially in Cyprus) through her works created by her interaction with the texture and colour of the land. She has had solo and group exhibitions home and abroad. She has attended various juried and competitive exhibitions organized by IAPMA. Her works are part of official and private collections.


2024: TRNC Culture Department Directorate's Lifetime Service to Art Award.

2024: GİKAD 40 Women Entrepreneurs on the 40th anniversary of our Republic Award.

2017: “Special Mention Juri Award”, Florance International Biennial of Contemporary Art X1. Edition.

2017: “SAKÜDER” Special Art Award, 6. International Art Exhibition, Ankara

2011: “Honorable Mention Winner”, International competition in Sofia Annual Paper Art Exhibition 


Co-Founder and Active Member, ACPA (Association of Cyprus Paper Artists

Active Member, IAPMA (International  Association of Hand Papermakers andPaper Artists)

Active Member, EMAA (European-Mediterranean Arts Association)

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