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A Journey in The Life Of Woman - 1995

A Journey in The Life Of Woman  

Text By Tulin Behaeddin

    The main theme of these works, which İsmet Tatar herself defines as “thematic”, is “WOMAN”. , . . . . . . . In her works, we observe the products of original experiences in shaping compositions which complete one another through a fast flowing chain, emerging from visual life.

    A woman’s sorting out of her inner and outer world, the intensity of her emotional world, the phases of her life, her dilemmas, joys, have been reflected on the canvas through compositions of colour and shape. The concrete woman figure is there with her feelings, desires and expectations. This captures us on a perceptive level and carries us through the secret labyrinths of our own personality. The viewer personally achieves a genuine dialoque with the woman figures. , In these works, which İsmet Tatar has completed in the last two years, we observe a mixed coloring technique, with a total coverage of the canvas with paint in some cases, whereas the tissue of the paper or canvas can be openly seen in others. The coloured form create different effects and alternative adaptations within the compositions. They gain a shaping character through merging the stationary with the moving. The exhibition is based on time, not space or abode. İsmet Tatar is one of our women artists who reflects on the subject of ‘woman’ with this exhibition.


Translation: Aslı Giray

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