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Exhibition List

Solo Exhibitions

2022 "Meditations in Blue", Rustems Art Gallery, Nicosia, N. Cyprus

2019 “To be - Stone”, EMAA Capital Art Centre, Nicosia, N. Cyprus

2015 “Geomorphologies: Collecting specimens and creating space”,  EMAA Capital Art Centre, Nicosia and Rauf Raif Denktaş Culture and Congress Center, Famagusta- TRNC

2008 “Tranquil Moments”, EMAA Art is in Nicosia Exhibitions, Saçaklı Ev, Nicosia –TRNC

2006 “And Land”, EMAA May Exhibitions, The Konak, Nicosia-TRNC

2005 “Mysterious Texture of the Earth”, Art Gallery of the Iktisat Bank , Nicosia-TRNC

2003 Unnamed, Bellapais Monestery Art Gallery, Kyrenia-TRNC

2000 “Tree and Woman “- Taş Art House, Dogankoy, Kyrenia-TRNC

1999 “My name is Olive Tree” - Taş Art House, Dogankoy, Kyrenia-TRNC

1998 “Watercolour Painting Exhibition”, Turkish House, New York-USA

1997 “Before and After the Fire” – Saçaklı Ev, Nicosia-TRNC

1995 “A Journey in the Life of Woman” – AKM, Nicosia-TRNC

1984 “Batik and Finger Paint Exhibition” – AKM, Nicosia-TRNC


Group Exhibitions



  • "ACPA -  Turkey Paper Artists Association "Paper Touch 5" Exhibition, AKM,Nicosia, Cyprus


  • "Encounters Through Paper" International Paper Bienale Exhibition, Israel.


  • "International Postal Artist Book Exhibition" Sao Paola, Brazil.

  • "ACPA- Turkey Paper Artists Association - Postal Artist Book Exhibition, American University of Cyprus 55-57, Nicosia, Cyprus.

  • "ACPA- Turkey Paper Artists Association - Postal Artist Book Exhibition, Music and Fine Arts University, Ankara, Turkey.

  • "ACPA- Turkey Paper Artists Association - Postal Artist Book Exhibition, Çeşme,İzmir, Turkey.

  • "Feats On Paper" Shangai International Paper Art Biennale Exhibition, Fengxian Museum, Shangai, China.

  • Points Visual Arts Online Exhibition, Egypt.

  • “ Paper Touch 4”  Exhibition, ACPA, EMAA, Nicosia – North Cyprus

  • 9. International Turkish Cultural Congress "Paper Art Exhibition", Arabahmet Cultural House,Nicosia, Cyprus


  • “ACPA Paper Pencils Exhibition" Rüstem Art Gallery, Nicosia - Cyprus.

  • "Aynı Gökyüzü Altında" Group Exhibition, Rüstem Art Gallery, Nicosia - Cyprus.

  • "Aynı Gökyüzü Altında" Online Exhition on Art Step.

  • "Social Distance" Online Exhition on Art Step.



  • “Feast on Paper” Shanghai International Paper Art Biennale, Fengxian Museum - Chine                 

  • “Inspired by Paper” IAPMA Touring Exhibition Joint Project of IAPMA – ACPA, hosted by EMU ( Eastern Mediterrenian University ),   ,Famagusta and Nicosia, North Cyprus

  • “Reproduce Paper” ACPA workshop at Mini Art Fest. Cyprus American University – Faculty of Fine Art, Nicosia – North Cyprus

  • “ V. International Women Artists Residency  “ Exhibition, İsmet Vehit Güney Art Gallery in Nicosia and Municipal Art Gallery in Girne – North Cyprus


  • “ Touching Paper” ACPA (Association of Cyprus Paper Artists) members      exhibition, hosted by Cyrus American University -  Atelier 54 Nicosia, North Cyprus

  • “Seminar, Workshop and Exhibition at ARUCAD” ( Arkın University of Creative Art and Dizayn), North Cyprus.

  •  “Living Purgatory” Exhibition, Bedesten – Nicosia, North Cyprus

  • “IAPMA Congress and Paper Responsive” exhibition, Finnesse Gallery, Sofia – Bulgaria.

  • “ Imago Mundi Benetton” Exhibition, Italy       

  • “ Paper Touch 2”  Exhibition, ACPA (Association of Cyprus Paper Artist  International) Show, SOL  Atelier and Gallery, Nicosia – North Cyprus


  • “Nature I Impression” 3rd International Paper Biennale in the City Hall of Beer-Sheva in Caraso Science Park and in the Nagev Artist House, Beer=Sheva - ISRAEL

  • “Florance İnternational Contemperary Art Biennal”Fortezze da Basso,Italy


  • “Touch of Paper 1” exhibition, Association of Cyprus Paper Artists International Show, Ismet Vehit Guney Exhibition Hall, Nicosia – trnc

  • “From Nature to Natura”, IAPMA Congress Exhibition, Brazil

  • “Seminar, Workshop and Exhibition” at METU ( Middle East Technical University), Culture and Convention Center, Kalkanli- TRNC

  • “Papers” exhibition, Turkey Paper Art Association, Ahmet Adnan Saygun Art Gallery, İzmir - TURKEY


  • “Global Paper 3”,  3rd  International Paper Art Triennial,  Deggendorf Museum, Deggendorf  – GERMANY



  • “ EgeArt Paper Wave” exhibition, Museum of Paper and Book Art, İzmir-TURKEY

  • “Republic Exhibition”, AKM, Nicosia-TRNC

  • “Exhibition of Alasia”, Rauf Raif Denktaş Cultural Centre, Famagusta-TRNC

  • “Opening Exhibition of Yalova İbrahim Müteferrika Museum of Paper and Books” Yalova-TURKEY

  • “Second Page Paper Works Exhibition”, Hacettepe University, Ahmet Göğüş Art Gallery, Ankara-TURKEY

  • “2. International İzmir Art Bienal” Fairground Exhibition Hall, İzmir- TURKEY

  • “Alasia Exhibition”, Ahmet Adnan Saygun Art Gallery, İzmir-TURKEY

  • “First Page Paper Works Exhibition” Erciyes University, Sabancı Cultural Centre, Kayseri- TURKEY

  • “Art and Soul of Paper” Exhibition for IAPMA’s 25th year, Mandell’s Gallery, Norwich- the UK



  • “EMAA 10th Year Exhibition”, İsmet Vehit Güney Art Centre, Nicosia-TRNC

  • “Museum of Paper and Book” Opening Exhibition, University of Ege, İzmir-TURKEY

  • “International Amateras Mini Paper Art Exhibition”, Art Alley Gallery, Sofia- BULGARIA

  • “Global Paper II”, International Trienal of Paper Art, Deggendorf Museum, Deggendorf- GERMANY



  • “Faces of Paper Exhibition”, Gozde Art Gallery, Ankara-TURKEY

  • “Symposium and Exhibition of Paper Art” for IAPMA’s 25th year, Near East University, Nicosia-TRNC

  • “Amateras Mini Paper Art Exhibition”, Art Alley Gallery, Sofia- BULGARIA

  • International Paper Art, the Exhibition of “Inbetween”, Wilfrid Museum- ISRAEL

  • “Paper and Type”, International Cheongju Paper Art Bienal, Cheongju Korean Craft Museum- SOUTH KOREA

  • “International 1st İzmir Art Bienal” Fairground Exhibition Hall, İzmir-TURKEY

  • ‘Faszination Paper’ Exhibition programme for 2 years organized by IAPMA

    • Kunstverein Burghausen – GERMANY

    • Form kunstund Handwerk Ebrantshausen – GERMANY

    • Paper Mill and Paper museum Duszinki Zdroy – POLAND

    • Tum and Taxis Galerie, The Odenwaldmuseum, Michelstad – GERMANY

    • Papiertechnische Stiftung,Münih – GERMANY

    • Pflegschloss Schrobenhausen – GERMANY

    • Chapelle of Condamine Garde Le Vigan – FRANCE

    • Schleusenhause stade – GERMANY

    • Confederation of European Paper Industries, Brüksel – BELGIUM

    • Un’magmusseum Gagennnau – GERMANY

  • “Florence Internation Contemporary Art Bienal”, Fortezza DA Basso- ITALY



  • “Alasia Exhibition”, Beyoglu Art Galltery, İstanbul-TURKEY

  • Representing TRNC at the Istanbul Art Exhibition, TUYAP Istanbul Exhibition and Congress Centre, Istanbul-TURKEY

  • Congress of IAPMA and “Paper Road” Exhibtion, Wanju Hanji Theme Park, SOUTH KOREA

  • “The UN Exhibition”, Buffer Zone UN Good Offices, Nicosia-REPUBLIC OF CYPRUS

  • “The Future in Paper“ Exhibtion, Chapelle of Condamine Garde, Le Vigan, FRANCE

  • “How Much“ Exhibition, İsmet Vehit Güney Exhibition Hall, Nicosia-TRNC

  • “How Much“ Exhibition, Bellapais Monestry Art Gallery, Kyrenia-TRNC


  • “The Artistsbook Project” Exhibition of the Goethe Institute to commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Nicosia-REPUBLIC OF CYPRUS

  • “TRNC State Art Exhibition”, AKM, Nicosia-TRNC

  • “The UN Art Exhibition”, Buffer Zone UN Good Offices, Nicosia-TRNC



  • “Women Cypriot Artists’ Exhibition”, European Council, Strasbourg-FRANCE

  • IAPMA Workshop on Paper Art, Abbazia di Spineto, Siena, ITALY



  • IAPMA Congress, Oxford University , Oxford- the UK

  • Art Aware Program - Presentation, Goethe Institute, Nicosia-REPUBLIC OF CYPRUS

  • Art Aware Exhibition, Famagusta Gate Exhibition Centre, Nicosia-REPUBLIC OF CYPRUS



  • IAPMA Vienna Congress and workshop at the atelier of the artist Reneta Habinger, Obendorf-AUSTRIA



  • “Patterns of Chests” Exhibition and Seminar, Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Architecture, Famagusta-TRNC

  • 15th State Sculpture Exhibition, AKM, Nicosia-TRNC



  • “6 Turkish Cypriot Artists”, İMKB Art Gallery, Istanbul-TURKEY

  • “2. Exhibition of Turkish Cypriot Woman Painters”, DAÜ - KAEM (Eastern Mediterranean University – Centre for Research on Women), Famagusta- TRNC

  • “Stories of the Mediterranean” Exhibition, Migros Shopping Centre, Ankara-TURKEY



  • “5 Turkish Cypriot Artists”, Salzburg Art Exhibition, Salzburg-AUSTRIA



  • “Old and Far Away” Eshibition, Near East University Ataturk Congress Centre, Nicosia- TRNC

  • “Painting Exhibition of Turkish Cypriot Artists”, Ankara-TURKEY

  • “K.T.O.E.Ö.S. III. Painting and Sculpture Exhibition”, AKM, Nicosia-TRNC

  • “Group Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture”, Birinci Cultural Centre, Nicosia-TRNC

  • Group Exhibition of Contemporary Turkish Cypriot Painting - Bellapais Art Gallery, Kyrenia-TRNC



  • “K.T.O.E.Ö.S. II. Painting and Sculpture Exhibition” AKM, Nicosia-TRNC



  • “K.T.O.E.Ö.S. I. Painting and Sculpture Exhibition”, AKM, Nicosia-TRNC

  • “Plant a Tree”, HP Gallery, Nicosia-TRNC



  • “From Today to Tomorrow“, Painting Exhibition, Fine Arts Middle School - A.K.M., Nicosia-TRNC



  • “Women Artists Painting Exhibition”, Fairground, Morphou-TRNC



  • “IV. Asia – Europe Art Bienal”, Painting Sculpture Museum, Ankara-TURKEY

  • Her work titled “Years of Nicosia” was printed as a post stamp within the series of Stamps Celebrating Art Works by TRNC Post Administration.



  • “A look at the Turkish Cypriot Art”H.P Gallery Opening Exhibition, Nicosia-TRNC

  • “VI. State Art and Sculpture Exhibition” AKM, Nicosia-TRNC



  • “Turkish Cypriot Artists’ Painting Exhibition”, Centre Culturel D’uccule, Brussels-BELGIUM

  • “V. State Art and Sculpture Exhibition” AKM, Nicosia-TRNC



  • “Turkish Cypriot Artists’ Painting Exhibition”, Ankara-TURKEY

  • “IV. State Art and Sculpture Exhibition” AKM, Nicosia-TRNC

  • “II. Asia – Europe Art Bienal”, Painting Sculpture Museum, Ankara-TURKEY



  • “III. Women Artists Painting Exhibition” AKM, Nicosia-TRNC



  • “Plastic Arts Exhibition”, Bellapais Art Gallery, Kyrenia-TRNC



  • “Group Painting Exhibition of the Turkish Cypriot Culture Association”, Etiler Yapı Kredi Art Gallery, İstanbul-TURKEY

  • “I. State Art and Sculpture Exhibition” AKM, Nicosia-TRNC



  • “I. Women Artists Art Exhibition” AKM, Nicosia-TRNC

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