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Exhibition List

Solo Exhibitions

2022 "Meditations in Blue", Rustems Art Gallery, Nicosia, N. Cyprus

2019 “To be - Stone”, EMAA Capital Art Centre, Nicosia, N. Cyprus

2015 “Geomorphologies: Collecting specimens and creating space”,  EMAA Capital Art Centre, Nicosia and Rauf Raif Denktaş Culture and Congress Center, Famagusta- TRNC

2008 “Tranquil Moments”, EMAA Art is in Nicosia Exhibitions, Saçaklı Ev, Nicosia –TRNC

2006 “And Land”, EMAA May Exhibitions, The Konak, Nicosia-TRNC

2005 “Mysterious Texture of the Earth”, Art Gallery of the Iktisat Bank , Nicosia-TRNC

2003 Unnamed, Bellapais Monestery Art Gallery, Kyrenia-TRNC

2000 “Tree and Woman “- Taş Art House, Dogankoy, Kyrenia-TRNC

1999 “My name is Olive Tree” - Taş Art House, Dogankoy, Kyrenia-TRNC

1998 “Watercolour Painting Exhibition”, Turkish House, New York-USA

1997 “Before and After the Fire” – Saçaklı Ev, Nicosia-TRNC

1995 “A Journey in the Life of Woman” – AKM, Nicosia-TRNC

1984 “Batik and Finger Paint Exhibition” – AKM, Nicosia-TRNC


Group Exhibitions


"Pavlikeni Artist Residence Exhibition" Pavlikeni, Bulgaria.

"Sofia International Paper Art Biennial" Sofia Paper Art Fest, Bulgaria.

"Ist Producing Women Art Meeting" Exhibition, Kyrenia Municipality Hall, Kyrenia, Cyprus.

"Inner Wheel 100. Year My Clean Country" Exhibition, Merit Hotel, Nicosia, Cyprus.

"Kadın-lık Halleri" Exhibition, Rauf Raif Denktaş Kültür ve Kongre Sarayı, Famagusta, Cyprus.


"Elegant Cypriot Artists" Exhibition, HT Gallery, Gonyeli-Nicosia, Cyprus.

"Shanghai International Paper Biennale" One World One Family, Shanghai, China.

"ACPA -  Turkey Paper Artists Association "Paper Touch 2" Exhibition, Ankara Music and Fine Arts University, Ankara, Turkey

  • "Sapphire - The Eternal Love" Exhibition, Bellapais Monastery, Kyrenia, Cyprus.

  • "Paper Alive" IAPMA Congress - Exhibition Dresden, Germany. 

"ACPA -  Turkey Paper Artists Association "Paper Touch 5" Exhibition, AKM,Nicosia, Cyprus


  • "Encounters Through Paper" International Paper Bienale Exhibition, Israel.


  • "International Postal Artist Book Exhibition" Sao Paola, Brazil.

  • "ACPA- Turkey Paper Artists Association - Postal Artist Book Exhibition, American University of Cyprus 55-57, Nicosia, Cyprus.

  • "ACPA- Turkey Paper Artists Association - Postal Artist Book Exhibition, Music and Fine Arts University, Ankara, Turkey.

  • "ACPA- Turkey Paper Artists Association - Postal Artist Book Exhibition, Çeşme,İzmir, Turkey.

  • "Feats On Paper" Shangai International Paper Art Biennale Exhibition, Fengxian Museum, Shangai, China.

  • Points Visual Arts Online Exhibition, Egypt.

  • “ Paper Touch 4”  Exhibition, ACPA, EMAA, Nicosia – North Cyprus

  • 9. International Turkish Cultural Congress "Paper Art Exhibition", Arabahmet Cultural House,Nicosia, Cyprus


  • “ACPA Paper Pencils Exhibition" Rüstem Art Gallery, Nicosia - Cyprus.

  • "Aynı Gökyüzü Altında" Group Exhibition, Rüstem Art Gallery, Nicosia - Cyprus.

  • "Aynı Gökyüzü Altında" Online Exhition on Art Step.

  • "Social Distance" Online Exhition on Art Step.



  • “Feast on Paper” Shanghai International Paper Art Biennale, Fengxian Museum - Chine                 

  • “Inspired by Paper” IAPMA Touring Exhibition Joint Project of IAPMA – ACPA, hosted by EMU ( Eastern Mediterrenian University ),   ,Famagusta and Nicosia, North Cyprus

  • “Reproduce Paper” ACPA workshop at Mini Art Fest. Cyprus American University – Faculty of Fine Art, Nicosia – North Cyprus

  • “ V. International Women Artists Residency  “ Exhibition, İsmet Vehit Güney Art Gallery in Nicosia and Municipal Art Gallery in Girne – North Cyprus


  • “ Touching Paper” ACPA (Association of Cyprus Paper Artists) members      exhibition, hosted by Cyrus American University -  Atelier 54 Nicosia, North Cyprus

  • “Seminar, Workshop and Exhibition at ARUCAD” ( Arkın University of Creative Art and Dizayn), North Cyprus.

  •  “Living Purgatory” Exhibition, Bedesten – Nicosia, North Cyprus

  • “IAPMA Congress and Paper Responsive” exhibition, Finnesse Gallery, Sofia – Bulgaria.

  • “ Imago Mundi Benetton” Exhibition, Italy       

  • “ Paper Touch 2”  Exhibition, ACPA (Association of Cyprus Paper Artist  International) Show, SOL  Atelier and Gallery, Nicosia – North Cyprus


  • “Nature I Impression” 3rd International Paper Biennale in the City Hall of Beer-Sheva in Caraso Science Park and in the Nagev Artist House, Beer=Sheva - ISRAEL

  • “Florance İnternational Contemperary Art Biennal”Fortezze da Basso,Italy


  • “Touch of Paper 1” exhibition, Association of Cyprus Paper Artists International Show, Ismet Vehit Guney Exhibition Hall, Nicosia – trnc

  • “From Nature to Natura”, IAPMA Congress Exhibition, Brazil

  • “Seminar, Workshop and Exhibition” at METU ( Middle East Technical University), Culture and Convention Center, Kalkanli- TRNC

  • “Papers” exhibition, Turkey Paper Art Association, Ahmet Adnan Saygun Art Gallery, İzmir - TURKEY


  • “Global Paper 3”,  3rd  International Paper Art Triennial,  Deggendorf Museum, Deggendorf  – GERMANY



  • “ EgeArt Paper Wave” exhibition, Museum of Paper and Book Art, İzmir-TURKEY

  • “Republic Exhibition”, AKM, Nicosia-TRNC

  • “Exhibition of Alasia”, Rauf Raif Denktaş Cultural Centre, Famagusta-TRNC

  • “Opening Exhibition of Yalova İbrahim Müteferrika Museum of Paper and Books” Yalova-TURKEY

  • “Second Page Paper Works Exhibition”, Hacettepe University, Ahmet Göğüş Art Gallery, Ankara-TURKEY

  • “2. International İzmir Art Bienal” Fairground Exhibition Hall, İzmir- TURKEY

  • “Alasia Exhibition”, Ahmet Adnan Saygun Art Gallery, İzmir-TURKEY

  • “First Page Paper Works Exhibition” Erciyes University, Sabancı Cultural Centre, Kayseri- TURKEY

  • “Art and Soul of Paper” Exhibition for IAPMA’s 25th year, Mandell’s Gallery, Norwich- the UK



  • “EMAA 10th Year Exhibition”, İsmet Vehit Güney Art Centre, Nicosia-TRNC

  • “Museum of Paper and Book” Opening Exhibition, University of Ege, İzmir-TURKEY

  • “International Amateras Mini Paper Art Exhibition”, Art Alley Gallery, Sofia- BULGARIA

  • “Global Paper II”, International Trienal of Paper Art, Deggendorf Museum, Deggendorf- GERMANY



  • “Faces of Paper Exhibition”, Gozde Art Gallery, Ankara-TURKEY

  • “Symposium and Exhibition of Paper Art” for IAPMA’s 25th year, Near East University, Nicosia-TRNC

  • “Amateras Mini Paper Art Exhibition”, Art Alley Gallery, Sofia- BULGARIA

  • International Paper Art, the Exhibition of “Inbetween”, Wilfrid Museum- ISRAEL

  • “Paper and Type”, International Cheongju Paper Art Bienal, Cheongju Korean Craft Museum- SOUTH KOREA

  • “International 1st İzmir Art Bienal” Fairground Exhibition Hall, İzmir-TURKEY

  • ‘Faszination Paper’ Exhibition programme for 2 years organized by IAPMA

    • Kunstverein Burghausen – GERMANY

    • Form kunstund Handwerk Ebrantshausen – GERMANY

    • Paper Mill and Paper museum Duszinki Zdroy – POLAND

    • Tum and Taxis Galerie, The Odenwaldmuseum, Michelstad – GERMANY

    • Papiertechnische Stiftung,Münih – GERMANY

    • Pflegschloss Schrobenhausen – GERMANY

    • Chapelle of Condamine Garde Le Vigan – FRANCE

    • Schleusenhause stade – GERMANY

    • Confederation of European Paper Industries, Brüksel – BELGIUM

    • Un’magmusseum Gagennnau – GERMANY

  • “Florence Internation Contemporary Art Bienal”, Fortezza DA Basso- ITALY



  • “Alasia Exhibition”, Beyoglu Art Galltery, İstanbul-TURKEY

  • Representing TRNC at the Istanbul Art Exhibition, TUYAP Istanbul Exhibition and Congress Centre, Istanbul-TURKEY

  • Congress of IAPMA and “Paper Road” Exhibtion, Wanju Hanji Theme Park, SOUTH KOREA

  • “The UN Exhibition”, Buffer Zone UN Good Offices, Nicosia-REPUBLIC OF CYPRUS

  • “The Future in Paper“ Exhibtion, Chapelle of Condamine Garde, Le Vigan, FRANCE

  • “How Much“ Exhibition, İsmet Vehit Güney Exhibition Hall, Nicosia-TRNC

  • “How Much“ Exhibition, Bellapais Monestry Art Gallery, Kyrenia-TRNC


  • “The Artistsbook Project” Exhibition of the Goethe Institute to commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Nicosia-REPUBLIC OF CYPRUS

  • “TRNC State Art Exhibition”, AKM, Nicosia-TRNC

  • “The UN Art Exhibition”, Buffer Zone UN Good Offices, Nicosia-TRNC



  • “Women Cypriot Artists’ Exhibition”, European Council, Strasbourg-FRANCE

  • IAPMA Workshop on Paper Art, Abbazia di Spineto, Siena, ITALY



  • IAPMA Congress, Oxford University , Oxford- the UK

  • Art Aware Program - Presentation, Goethe Institute, Nicosia-REPUBLIC OF CYPRUS

  • Art Aware Exhibition, Famagusta Gate Exhibition Centre, Nicosia-REPUBLIC OF CYPRUS



  • IAPMA Vienna Congress and workshop at the atelier of the artist Reneta Habinger, Obendorf-AUSTRIA



  • “Patterns of Chests” Exhibition and Seminar, Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Architecture, Famagusta-TRNC

  • 15th State Sculpture Exhibition, AKM, Nicosia-TRNC



  • “6 Turkish Cypriot Artists”, İMKB Art Gallery, Istanbul-TURKEY

  • “2. Exhibition of Turkish Cypriot Woman Painters”, DAÜ - KAEM (Eastern Mediterranean University – Centre for Research on Women), Famagusta- TRNC

  • “Stories of the Mediterranean” Exhibition, Migros Shopping Centre, Ankara-TURKEY



  • “5 Turkish Cypriot Artists”, Salzburg Art Exhibition, Salzburg-AUSTRIA



  • “Old and Far Away” Eshibition, Near East University Ataturk Congress Centre, Nicosia- TRNC

  • “Painting Exhibition of Turkish Cypriot Artists”, Ankara-TURKEY

  • “K.T.O.E.Ö.S. III. Painting and Sculpture Exhibition”, AKM, Nicosia-TRNC

  • “Group Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture”, Birinci Cultural Centre, Nicosia-TRNC

  • Group Exhibition of Contemporary Turkish Cypriot Painting - Bellapais Art Gallery, Kyrenia-TRNC



  • “K.T.O.E.Ö.S. II. Painting and Sculpture Exhibition” AKM, Nicosia-TRNC



  • “K.T.O.E.Ö.S. I. Painting and Sculpture Exhibition”, AKM, Nicosia-TRNC

  • “Plant a Tree”, HP Gallery, Nicosia-TRNC



  • “From Today to Tomorrow“, Painting Exhibition, Fine Arts Middle School - A.K.M., Nicosia-TRNC



  • “Women Artists Painting Exhibition”, Fairground, Morphou-TRNC



  • “IV. Asia – Europe Art Bienal”, Painting Sculpture Museum, Ankara-TURKEY

  • Her work titled “Years of Nicosia” was printed as a post stamp within the series of Stamps Celebrating Art Works by TRNC Post Administration.



  • “A look at the Turkish Cypriot Art”H.P Gallery Opening Exhibition, Nicosia-TRNC

  • “VI. State Art and Sculpture Exhibition” AKM, Nicosia-TRNC



  • “Turkish Cypriot Artists’ Painting Exhibition”, Centre Culturel D’uccule, Brussels-BELGIUM

  • “V. State Art and Sculpture Exhibition” AKM, Nicosia-TRNC



  • “Turkish Cypriot Artists’ Painting Exhibition”, Ankara-TURKEY

  • “IV. State Art and Sculpture Exhibition” AKM, Nicosia-TRNC

  • “II. Asia – Europe Art Bienal”, Painting Sculpture Museum, Ankara-TURKEY



  • “III. Women Artists Painting Exhibition” AKM, Nicosia-TRNC



  • “Plastic Arts Exhibition”, Bellapais Art Gallery, Kyrenia-TRNC



  • “Group Painting Exhibition of the Turkish Cypriot Culture Association”, Etiler Yapı Kredi Art Gallery, İstanbul-TURKEY

  • “I. State Art and Sculpture Exhibition” AKM, Nicosia-TRNC



  • “I. Women Artists Art Exhibition” AKM, Nicosia-TRNC

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